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Business terms and conditions of Bece-Immo Bt.

1. Bece-Immo Bt. attends to its customers at the site of the property free of charge.

2. Bece-Immo Bt. arranges all the preparations for the inspection or the purchase of the property.

3. The fee charged by Bece-Immo Bt. is 1% (the minimum fee is € 200.-) of the selling price and is due when the contract is signed.

4. Direct negotiations between the potential buyer and the owner or the seller are not permissible. Should the buyer or a third party sign a contract between the owner (seller) directly, bypassing our company, Bece-Immo Bt. will lay claim to the full amount of the commission (1%) or a minimum amount of € 200.-.

5. Legal jurisdiction: Municipal Court in Keszthely

Legal Basis

1. You can purchase everything being offered within a municipal jurisdiction
(houses, holiday homes, lots, offices and businesses)

2. Foreigners are not permitted to purchase property or buildings in agricultural or national park areas (such as vineyards, arable land or buildings used as stables). In addition, they may not purchase buildings protected as landmarks.

3. The respective municipalities decide whether an object may be sold and they also grant authorization to do so.

4. If so desired, contracts of sale can be translated into the German/English language.

We also cooperate with attorneys who are fluent in German/English.

Useful information when purchasing real estate in Hungary

1. Hungarian law applies whenever you purchase real estate in Hungary.

2. The purchase can only be done using the services of an attorney at law.
The attorney is under obligation to obtain the pertinent documents
from the real estate records office in order to rule out irregularities.
The attorney will also be responsible for the proceedings
necessary for the purchase.  

3. The price of the property is set in forint (HUF) or in Euros. The contract of sale
will be written in Hungarian and translated into German.
The down payment will be 10% of the total and the rest will be payable at the deadline set down in the contract.  

4. The purchase price can be deposited on the attorney's escrow account
until payment to the seller is due.  

5. The entry in the land registry is done after the approval by the authorities arrives. The land purchase tax notice will be sent to the new owner of the property.  

6. The attorney's fees: 1-2% of the purchase price, but the minimum fee is HUF 50.000,- (approx. € 200,-depending on the exchange rate). Additional handling charges approx. € 200,-  

7. The annual property tax varies, depending on local municipal regulations.


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